Friday, May 1, 2015

Bursting at the Seams!

An update from Samantha at Kindereich Farm: 5/1/2015
Just spent over an hour helping Vinyaya deliver triplets. Baby #1, a buckling (still born), had a huge head and was feet first. His head got lodged behind her tale bone. I had to go in, loop a cord over his head, push his legs back under his torso and pull him out. Baby #2, a doeling, was completely backwards with her back legs folded under herself. I had to go in, unfold her legs and pull her out backwards by her feet. Baby #3, a doeling, was facing the right way but was sideways. By this point Vinyaya was so tired she wasn't even trying to push anymore. I ended up having to go in once again, turn the baby right way up, loop the cord around her head and pull her out as well. I'm sore, my forearms are bruised from where she had contractions while I had my arm inside her, and I'm covered in a variety of fluids and goo.... But, despite the fact I've never done anything like this before, only had a few vague mental images from a manual and a time when I was 6 and mom had to help a doe deliver, and a very rushed phone call with a vet that I heard second hand.... momma and both doelings are healthy and safe! We are all exhausted!!! Welcome Fleur (light) and Gabrielle (dark)!!!! Hope your life is a bit smoother from now on!!!
She has had quite the harrowing day, thankfully this is our last doe to kid and the rest are all healthy.

So the count is 7 doelings and 2 bucklings (1 stillborn), that is a ratio we have never been blessed with before.  We have always had more bucks than does, this is a great problem to many sweet babies and I am still up here and they are all down there. 

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