Friday, April 24, 2015

The Great Move to Southwest MO!

We have been in the process of moving our 12 person household form East central MO to the most Southwest corner of MO since mid January.  3 of my children have been down there since then and my husband travels back and forth.  A couple of the other kids have been down but are back now helping me here at the homestead.  Kindereich Farm has officially moved and is up and running, Samantha is doing a great job managing the goats and being the "foreman" when my husband is called away.  Noah and Jacob are EXCELLENT farm hands and construction workers, they have run more fence than they will ever want to admit and have helped the contractors put up siding and hang insulation and drywall in the boys house.  They helped do the interior of the goat barn (even pouring concrete in the milking stall and are building a chicken house with their father, so much done, still much to do! They still have to build rabbit housing for our hutches so they can go down but everyday they are making great progress.
Here we are packing, packing, packing!  Lily was dusting and washing walls to prep them for patching and painting (a very big job in a 10 bedroom house!).  Nathan & Matt have been doing all of the grunt work and removing of shelves, screws in walls, and all the general "manly" work that goes into moving a hobby farm. We have been keeping up on the mowing and trim work too, the time between rainstorms has been just enough so it can be dry enough to mow.  Johanna has been a packing fiend...she has most every room boxed and labeled, she hasn't done much in her own room but I think that is a comfort thing (that time will come!).  Nicki & Hayden have boxed up their stuff but she works a lot and he is only 4, his Lightning McQueen bed will be the last thing packed, you can be sure of that!
This year has been a banner year for baby goats for us, of our 6 kids 5 have been doelings! (We are still pending one more birthing...stay tuned the first week of May for those results)
We have also added a guardian to our farm, Koda the Wonder Dog, a Great Pyrenees pup is being raised with the baby goats to protect and serve his flock.
We will be adding 60 baby chicks soon and then the rabbits will be down there too...never a dull moment at Kindereich Farm!

FYI: baby goats are the best therapy! Are you sad today? Go play with the babies.  Has life got you down? Go play with the babies. Just in need of a general pick me up? Go play with the babies. Or pet a fluffy puppy, that will work too!

God is good all the time and all the time God is good!
Praying God's blessings on you and yours,

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