Monday, November 3, 2014

Winds of Change...

There are many things in every life that pulls us in different directions, but, it is time to put our lives into perspective.  Look at what and who is important and protect it/them, there is a wind of change coming...
Wide spread disease is on the horizon, a hard winter has been predicted, large companies are laying people off by the hundreds, are you prepared? Are you ready?  No one can have every inevitable scenario covered but there are things you can do, it does take effort, it does take time but most of all you will have to be determined.  No matter what others say, no matter the naysayers who will certainly be knocking on your door when the time of need arises.
Don't be the one whose children are hungry, thirsty or cold.  Don't be the one who can not take care of your elderly parent or grandparent.  With thoughts of love and responsibility prepare for the winds of change.

I have previously posted the 3 things we tell people to do when they want to get started, if you have not read it please scroll back and look, read and follow the additional links.

I pray for all those who deny it is coming, I pray for all those who see it and want to do something about it.

May your efforts be blessed,

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