Monday, November 3, 2014

Winds of Change...

There are many things in every life that pulls us in different directions, but, it is time to put our lives into perspective.  Look at what and who is important and protect it/them, there is a wind of change coming...
Wide spread disease is on the horizon, a hard winter has been predicted, large companies are laying people off by the hundreds, are you prepared? Are you ready?  No one can have every inevitable scenario covered but there are things you can do, it does take effort, it does take time but most of all you will have to be determined.  No matter what others say, no matter the naysayers who will certainly be knocking on your door when the time of need arises.
Don't be the one whose children are hungry, thirsty or cold.  Don't be the one who can not take care of your elderly parent or grandparent.  With thoughts of love and responsibility prepare for the winds of change.

I have previously posted the 3 things we tell people to do when they want to get started, if you have not read it please scroll back and look, read and follow the additional links.

I pray for all those who deny it is coming, I pray for all those who see it and want to do something about it.

May your efforts be blessed,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Time to evaluate what is important ~

I just changed my cover photo, and it brought a thought to my mind, what is important.  Why do I do what I do?

My family is one of the most important things in my life, they are the reason I am who I am and do what I do.  God has given me this special blessing, not for my pleasure, though they give me great joy, but to serve and protect.  Yes, this is a great responsibility but one that sustains me, knowing they depend on me and that it is my job to raise them to care for others the same way.

Using life to teach them about what is right and wrong, seeing the choices others have made and learning some of the lessons from the consequences they receive as to not repeat them or to make those changes that will bring good results.

Right now I am considering health and wellness, I was not raised with good nutrition and I have had trouble over the years being consistent and staying on track.  Juice Plus is helping me do that, making me better so I can better care for those around me, not just family but friends and others in need.  How am I to do that effectively if I am not at my best?  Now is the time to make those changes so maybe my children will not have such difficulty as they get older, maybe they can learn from from my past mistakes and make those changes now.

Exercise, better nutrition, and a closer daily walk with God that is my goal.  Join me and we shall raise a generation that has the good health and heart to serve and protect those around them, that have good health and a heart for God.

Please pray daily and stay in God's word.

Pray, Praise and Give Thanks,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Emergency: what else will I need?

We have discussed water and food storage for a time of emergency/disaster but there are other things to think about.  As for me, I know I would not want to be without toilet paper in a household of 12 people! Or, feminine hygiene products with there being 5 women in the same house...or deodorant for the 5 men!!  In a time of crisis you don't want to add to the problems you want to be the one with the answers, think carefully, what would you not want to live without?  Make a time of stress a little easier by thinking ahead and being prepared.

This by no means is a complete list, it is intended to make you think and catalog your own resources and maybe help you get started.

Household/ Home infrastructure / Communication:
Assuming power is out for the short term emergency scenario, do you want your basic home operations to function? Or will you “rough it”?
Do you have a generator?  (don’t forget fuel storage)
If you want heat? – is your furnace gas, wood, or electric? * How many furnaces does your house have? Do you have a fireplace?
Cooking - Is the oven gas of electric? *
*Note: even most gas appliances require some electric for pilot/air movement.
Do you have a freezer that you must power?
Do you have a radio & batteries?
Do you have land phone line or just mobile phones?
Get a small DC to AC inverter for the car <$50 at Walmart.

Think Flash lights, candles, blankets & sleeping bags. Consider disposable paper plates, cups, utensils for use in an extended emergency. Make sure you have everything to “camp out” at home.

Final thoughts:

  • Make sure you have some cash on hand for purchases, if ATM’s, debit cards, etc are offline in a regional or national power issue.
  • Make sure you cover the basic essentials: Store a month’s worth toilet paper, paper towels, female hygiene and other sanitary needs for the family.
  • Learn to cook/prepare food without electric.
  • VERY important – make sure you have all necessary prescription meds and first-aid supplies on hand.
  • Don’t forget cleaning supplies.
  • Have a fire extinguisher; if you are using lamps and candles, be prepared if needed.
  • Get a generator & fuel. A whole house unit will cost 4-6K installed (run on propane, natural gas, or diesel). Smaller portable will work for the essentials.
  • Assemble a car emergency kit also. Prepare to be “stuck” for three days, and put a bag in the trunk containing clothes, flashlight, non-perishable food, water, first-aid, etc.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Emergency Food Storage

Yesterday I talked about water in your long term storage/emergency supply.  You can go much longer without food than water but why go without either.  Children really need the routine even in times of crisis, they also will need to eat.  If you have a picky eater now is the time to find foods they will eat and stock up on those.  The last thing you want is a screaming, crying child when everything else is a struggle.  Keep this in mind as you go about choosing what you want to have on hand.  Try different foods now while you still have a choice.  About a year ago we chose Sunday afternoons to do our "tastings", we would buy several different brands of the same type of food and prepare and sample them.  Not just the adults, we involved the kids too, their opinion is just as important when choosing the foods you will have on hand.

Here are some things to consider:

Food Storage:
There are multiple approaches here:
1)       This is fast & efficient – no more worries. “Set it & forget it” shelf stable, long term (>5 yrs) food storage. Large one-time purchase from a pre-packaged food dealer. Dehydrated (DH) or Freeze-dried (FD) retain nutritional value; military “meals-ready to eat” MRE’s do not.  
2)       Modified #1 – buy quality long term food storage (DH or FD) over time. Include store bought non-perishable canned & boxed goods.
3)       Buy non-perishable canned & boxed good from the local store over time. These products are mostly shelf stable for <3 years, and contain very little nutritional value. Contents are usually cooked and preserved with sodium, chemicals, etc.

For a short term emergency scenario -  a couple of weeks to months, I suggest that you track what your family eats for 30 days and create a list for every item you use, either a food item or ingredient, such as salt, sugar, canned corn, etc … just write it down and include everything. Include condiments and spices along with the main prepared food. This list will tell you what you & the family eat on a regular basis. Then based on the list calculate how many meals that you have on hand by inventorying you pantry, etc. Now each time you go to shop, you can buy extra of whatever item is needed until you acquire enough for short term preparedness. You should build your emergency supply, IN ADDITION to what you have already in your pantry.

Next make sure you are prepared to open, prepare and serve the goods in an emergency scenario.
Think - do you have a manual can opener, do you a camping stove and fuel source, do you have an outside grill and fuel.

Final thoughts:
·         Remember to rotate your emergency supply.
·         Eliminate convenience foods for the microwave, etc.
·         Consider adding instant milk, drink mixes & beverages to the food storage (kool-aid, coffee, tea, etc)
·         Keep some hard candy & granola bars on hand.
·         Limited fresh foods, like meat, fruits, etc can be frozen, but make sure to include some prepared for a longer storage (e.g. canned tuna, ham, etc.) OR buy high protein meat substitute products.
·         Purchase instant milk, powdered eggs & cheese.
·         Know the differences in labeling – “expires”, “use by”, “sell by”, “best by” all mean something different.
·         Buy staple items in bulk, consider a big warehouse store (Sam’s or Costco)
·         Consider adding beans, legumes to the family diet, most people don’t use these regularly but they are rich in nutrition and store easily. They make a great meat substitute.
·         Don’t forget your pets, if applicable.

·         Most important – buy what you already eat, eat what you store.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Preparedness Info: Water

Yesterday I talked about having enough food for at least a month, today I want to talk about water. If the electricity is out, you will not have access to the necessary amount of water you need and if there is a blizzard then there will be no way to go out and get it. If the roads are affected in any way then there will be no service to your area to replenish the water either. So what do you do? We have a swimming pool and a food grade water tank for emergencies, we also have a gravity fed water filter to filter that water so we don't get sick...very important!

Water:  This is your Most Critical Need. Storing water is essential to every emergency plan; you cannot survive more than 3 days without it.
If you are on a well for your water, consider an alternative power source for your pump (solar, hand, etc.)
If you are on city water, then stock up!
There are several guidelines to how much water you should have available to your family, the best (most common) guideline is one gallon per person, per day, for drinking at a minimum.
For example, a family of five for 14 days, you would need 70 gallons, just for drinking.
During an emergency you will also need water for the basic needs - washing your hands, brushing teeth, washing dishes, preparing food, and sanitation needs.  The guideline here is a multiplier of 1.5, or an additional 105 gallons needed.
It may seem like a lot, but it is very conservative, and life sustaining.
NOTE: this would not include additional “heavy use needs” for water - like for flushing a toilet.

You can accumulate water several ways:
  1. Least expensive: wash out containers like soda bottles and other jugs (not milk) and fill with filtered water and drop them into a  “deep freeze” freezer – this will keep indefinitely.
Note: This method requires you to filter water & sanitize the bottles. The two liter bottle is most common, a 2l = .528 of a gallon, so figure 2 large soda bottles per person per day. Collect them from your friends.
  1. Cheap: buy bottled water from the store in quantity, utilize recommended shelf life. Gallons jugs are least expense option over smaller sizes.
  2. Most expensive – buying emergency water, this is water processed for long term storage.

Final thoughts:

  • Buy a good gravity water filter, with extra elements. If needed, you can always filter water from rain, a pool, a pond, etc.
  • If you know of a threat like an ice storm is coming, immediately fill all your bath tubs – instant storage!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Juice Plus tour, if your interested in improving your health

I have recently joined the Juice Plus+ family, I have to say the support I have gotten has been outstanding.  Watch the video clip just to see how this will work for you and your family.

Are you prepared?

My husband and I have been "preaching" be prepared for any emergency for about 15 years now.       We don't just mean economic collapse or EMP where there will be long term devastation, we mean for any emergency/disaster.  Consider Joplin Mo after the tornado, how long did it take to get services back, many were in dire need of basic supplies just for survival.  The Northeast during/after a blizzard, no electricity, no 18 wheelers with supplies, no way to get those basic supplies...

Winter is coming, they are predicting another very harsh one, are you prepared?

You or someone in your family are thought to be exposed to are quarantined for 21+ days, are you prepared?

There are so many regional scenarios that I could go on and on but you get the picture.

You don't have to buy from us...that is not what I am saying.  What I want you to do is to THINK! Take stock of your supplies, do you have enough food for at least a month?  Do you have basic medial supplies?  Shampoo, soap, laundry supplies, dish soap?  Most, if they are honest, will have to say no, by no means are we prepared.

Even if you don't think long term storage is for you, please go to the grocery store and buy flats of fruits, vegetables and soups, rice, beans and drink mixes.  Make sure you have band-aids, peroxide and antibiotic ointment, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and soap...etc.

If you are interested in long term storage we have that covered:

And a little way to help yourself long term...learn to garden:
100% Non-GMO Seeds of the Month Club

A great way to stay healthy is to be healthy now! 

I pray God blesses your efforts to keep your family happy and healthy,

Monday, October 13, 2014


I am proposing that we choose one day a week to be off of social media for a full 24 hours.  I have chosen Sunday. With church and most if not all my family home it is a wonderful day to reconnect and hang out.  Don't get me wrong we still have to do household and "farm" related chores but we do them together and get them done quickly so the rest of the time can be spent just hanging out and playing games, watching a movie, chatting or having some in-depth discussions.

I challenge you to do the same, it doesn't have to be Sunday but 1 day a week make a conscience effort to put down the media and reconnect with your family!

Praying God's blessings on your endeavors,

Saturday, October 11, 2014

3 girls & the mall

Today we celebrated our youngest daughters 13th birthday by taking her and her 2 friends to the mall to get her ears pierced.  It was a really fun day and I didn't have any trouble keeping up with them like I would have in the recent past, thank you Juice Plus! (  It wasn't but a few weeks ago that I would not have even attempted such an event, now I know I am on the road to better health because I was able to do this with her and not suffer for days to come.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Time for a new chapter in my health

     4 days ago, 2 days after my 47th birthday, I made a decision to make some changes to take back my health...really it is not taking it back, I have never really had good health. I almost failed 3rd and 6th grades because of health issues, between the migraines, bronchitis and tonsillitis I was sick a lot.  No one ever tried to figure out why at that age I was sick they just medicated me and sent us on our way.  Years later I still have the same problems only compounded because they have not been properly dealt with by those who were supposed to be there to care for me.  No one ever told me or my parents for that matter how harmful soda, candy and in general bad nutrition can effect your long term health. I had access to soda, candy, chips and deep fried foods daily in any amount I wanted to consume until I was 13 years old, at that time it didn't get any better, the access just became a little more difficult.

     My husband and I made choices when we started having children to give them a better start and we did for many years, we did most cooking from scratch, we didn't give the children soda and they kids all loved (still do) fruits and vegetables.  For about 10 years now we have not been quite so diligent, we have fallen to the convenience foods that are so easy to pop in the oven and take out when the timer has dinged. We and our children have suffered the consequences of those actions.

    It is time to make changes so our children do not have the same issues in their 40's. We have been visiting a wellness center where they focus on whole body health not just treating the symptoms but finding the problem.  I am feeling better but now it is time to focus on our nutrition, we do our best not to eat store bought meat & milk, we have chickens, rabbits & goats, we are trying to be more self-sufficient by eating what we raise.  A tower garden ( is in our future because I have not had good luck with gardening.  My husband and I have joined Juice Plus+ ( and today is my first day on the Orchard Blend, Garden Blend and Vineyard Blend also this is day 4 of NO MORE caffeine!  I have not had a soda in 4 1/2 years but I replaced soda with sweet tea...lots of sweet tea!  Cold turkey I have dropped the tea and embraced lemon water.  I had terrible headaches and cravings the first 3 days but today is better, not that I don't WANT it very much but I know the rewards will out weigh these temporary challenges.

     Join me as I make these changes and improve my health and general wellness and that of my family as I learn to care for myself.