Thursday, April 18, 2013

Those Who Stay Will Be Champions

We live in a time that giving up when times or circumstances get too hard.  Up until recent history this was not acceptable! Why now?  Times and circumstances get hard, that is a part of life; we should raise our children to have the skills and endurance to work through those and come out the other side better and ready for the next challenge. Challenges should be just that, challenges, not road blocks that bring us to a complete and udder break down.  Our government has given us so many safety nets that they have become more like hammocks to the last couple of generations. The hand-outs instead of help-ups, the coddling instead of a firm hand and so many other "soft" touch approaches have brought us to the point of looking for someone else to take care of us.  When we allow someone else to take care of us we hand over our rights to freedom and give that person the ability to choose our future.  Can you see where we are headed?  Do you want someone else making decisions for you, your children, or your grandchildren?  What about your aged parents... does someone else have the right to say when they are no longer useful and are not worth the resources it takes to care for them?  I am looking at both ends of this situation, I have an 88 year old mother and a 2 year old grandson, neither can care for themselves, both need special attention to survive; I do not want to give someone who does not love them the ability to make decisions for/about them.  When you receive all the hand-outs you are giving those who give them to you the right to take away your freedoms and ability to make your own decisions... WHY would you do this? (Now I'm not talking about a helping hand, I am not bashing those with legitimate reasons for needing extended care, don't take what I am saying that way.)

I want to give you a key to making the change or prevent it from happening in the first place.
Read books on leadership and relationship, this is a fairly painless and easy way to start; here are 5 fantastic books to start with.  We have all 5 in our personal library.
Magic of Thinking Big - Dr. David J. Schwartz
Personality Plus - Florence Littauer
How to Win Friends and Influence People -  Dale Carnegie
Confidence and Power in Dealing With Others - Donald A. Laird, Eleanor C. Laird
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Listen to CD's as often as you can, CD's that encourage and edify your mind, body and soul.
Go to and see how you can obtain these, there are 8 different categories,
 These resources have instruction, encouragement and humor; all the information you will want to share with your family and friends!

Associate with others who are also actively working to improve themselves and their circumstances. You can be sure they are forward thinking and wanting to help others along the way.

Don't let where you are now shape where you are going.  This is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAMPIONS! It isn't easy, it isn't all lollipops and rainbows.  Nothing worth obtaining ever is, it is worth stretching yourself, it is worth the effort you will put into it.  Your children and grandchildren will thank you, they will all enjoy the time you have once you've broken the cycle of depending on others for your existence.

Take control of your destiny today!  then contact me!

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