Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be the one to Right the Ship!

My ship is sinking! What are we going to do?! Who is going to fix it?! Someone call someone!

Who is that someone? You are - Don't think someone else is more capable of fixing the problem than you are. In fact, only you can fix your ship. Only you can save your family (no one else has the same interest as you do).  However, I can throw you a lifeline - a preserver of sorts.  I have been working with a team of people who have the tools to help you repair your ship.  The resources are available for the 8 areas of life.
* Faith          
* Family  
* Finances        
* Fitness  
* Following        
* Freedom  
* Friends    
* Fun  
(these are just a sampling of the resources available)
If you are like me you need to improve at least one of these areas in your daily life.  We have Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady, both are #1 New York Times best sellers in the area of Leadership, there are classic authors such as Dale Carnegie that are recommended reading.  We have CD resources, "Make your car a university on wheels", - Brian Nieves, MO-Senator.  These resources are such a blessing and the more you listen the less of the stinkin' thinkin', that sinks ships, forces it's way in your daily life. Your thoughts will become "How can I help someone else improve their life"?
Are you looking for more time with your family? Do you need to improve your marriage? ~ What ever your need, we have a program for that.

Right your ship! Let me help you... go to then contact me.  Tim and I will tell you how you can right your ship and not wait on someone else to do it for you... no one is as concerned about your future than you are.  Take the intuitive! You are capable to pull your ship out of the mire it is in.

I pray God's blessings on you as you keep your ship afloat in this journey called LIFE,

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