Friday, January 20, 2012

I know it's been almost a year...

I know, I know... I should have been blogging this whole time.  This past year has been such an adventure.  Absolutely unexpected things have been thrust upon my family and I have to say everyone has risen to the occassion with love and a touch of grace.  So many things have happened and opportunities have come and gone.  Life's ups and downs have been, well, up and down.  Samantha got home from Thailand and within 4 weeks we bought a bookstore (up and then down) by October we were underwater in our finances and we had to close the store.  The rollercoaster of emotions of having my step-daughter, her "husband" and my grandson moved in with us.  Due to some unwelcome behavior and finding out that he wasn't really her husband we had to send "husband" back to his family in Indiana.  Now life has settled down and our schedule has smoothed out to where we're functioning like a well oiled machine again.  With all this and several other issues, needless to say our garden didn't get put in, the rabbit hutches didn't get built and we had to do a few more renovations on the house.  But, God is very good and new opportunities have presented themselves.  So this year follow me and see what we can do as a family of 12, 4 generations in one house, loving, living and doing more than just surviving... I think we'll triumph over any circumstances because God blesses those who love Him and we will keep believing up to the moment He calls us home no matter what the evil one throws at us, we will honor our God and give Him the glory.

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