Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homesteading, not just for the pioneers.

    This is an excerpt from the preface from a book written in 1934, A Living From the Land by William B. Duryee, "Homesteading days are here again.  The present movement of people back to the land is of a different type and has different objectives from those whick prevailed when a continent was to be conquered and exploited.  Today we know that many urban industries will operate on a seasonal basis and we know too that periods of unemployment and shorter working days incomes for hundreds of thousands of families.  The utilization of this leisure thime to supplement incomes, to raise the standards of living and of health, and to attain some measure of economic security will tend more and more to settlement on the land.
     In these days of rapid transportaion and all the attributes and conveniences of modern country life, the hardships of the earlier period of land development are non-existent.  Although urban industrial development has reached a point which will not be exceeded for many years to come the individual who needs additional income may adjust himself to such circumstances by establishing a country homestead.".
     It is now 2011, and here we are again... many are choosing to ignore the signs and are just "rolling with the punches", soon there will be a punch that is too hard to "roll" with.  We all need to make sure we have the supplies, knowledge and skills needed to survive any circumstance this world may throw our way.  The loss of your income, are you prepared?  A large scale natural disaster, are you prepared?  An economic collapse, are you prepared?  All of these are possiblities, BE PREPARED!  I'm going to list some books that are a necessity for being prepared for just about anything.
Back to Basics / Readers Digest / ISBN 0-89577-086-5
A Living From the Land / William Duryee
Passport to Survival / Esther Dickey
Five Acres and Independence / M. G. Kains / ISBN 0-486-20974-1
Project Readiness, guide to family emergency preparedness / Louise Nelson / ISBN 0-88290-036-6
Natural Foods Storage Bible / Sharon Dienstbier & Sybil Hendricks / ISBN 0-88290-066-8
Practical Homesteading / John Vivian / ISBN 0-87857-092-6
Kelsey's Rural Guide / David Stone Kelsey
Raising Rabbits the Modern Way / Bob Bennett / ISBN 0-88266-067-5
Raising Poultry the Modern Way / Leonard Mercia / ISBN 0-88266-058-6
Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way / Jerry Belanger / ISBN 0-88266-576-4
Husbandry / Nathan Griffith / ISBN 0-9665103-0-5
~ some of the books may be out of print, and are great resources ~

I'm hoping this will be a blessing to you and your family.  Don't wait, looking back and saying "I wish we had..." isn't the position you want to be in.  Here are some tools to help you be prepared. 

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