Wednesday, March 23, 2011

e-foods, check them out, not your grandma's long term storage

What do you think of when you think of food storage?  To me it conjures up memories of the water bath canner, sterilizing jars and lids on a hot August day (really it reminds me of labor since I was canning peaches on August 16, 1993 and Nathan was born on the 17th, 3 weeks early).  Canning is a wonderful thing, growing your own food to help supplement your meals though the winter... but, looking at the every growing problems nationally and around the world we need to think a little further ahead.  That's where long-term storage has the advantage over canning your own.  Having food that is useable for years to come, able to hold its nutritional value, and requires very little to effort to create a meal (anyone who can heat water can use these). 

We are planning a garden, and are planning to can what we grow (if the kids don't eat it all before we get to that point, they are veggie fiends).  But, we are going to invest in our family's long term survival, being the ant and not the grasshopper. Creating a storehouse of sorts to sustain our family of 10. 

God calls us to be aware, He calls us to care for others and share our knowledge.  I care for you and your wellbeing.  I hope all my friends understand the importance of what is going on in the world and how it will effect you and your family. How it IS effecting us now, with higher gas and food prices.
Don't be caught unprepared, a little investing and preparation now can be difference between relevent comfort and hunger/malnutrition. 

I pray God's blessing on our country and our leaders but we can not put our faith in them.  Plan now, reap the benefits later.

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