Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't be caught unprepared!

I've spoke of gardening and preparing for an upcoming crisis.  I've reviewed books and still have many to go through and summarize for you.  But with the eminent decline of the dollar and many wars and natural disasters in our world right now I want you to consider having some long term storage in your self-sufficiency larder. http://www.mom7x.com/  Check it out, get the samples and try them.  Everyone needs to have some food to carry them through a crisis. 
Also, have you thought of gold and silver?  With our paper money losing it's integrity and around the world they are refusing to accept it, how long will we be able to use it as legal tender?  http://www.mom7xlegacy.com/ will give you the information you need to put away a nest egg for a time of need but also create a legacy for your children and grand children.

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